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Seven Challenge

We at hogwartsharmony have a new challenge at the library!

Come join the community and you can take part in the Seven Challenge.

You sign up with your email and you are assigned one of the Seven Deadly Sins or Seven Heavenly Virtues to base a fic on. 700 word minimum, and most of the time you get your first preference.

If enough people sign up, awards will be voted on and handed out to people who enter.

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Sign ups last until April 1st, so if you want to participate, come on over to hogwartsharmony and get in on the action! ;)

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Budding writers, Harry Potter fanatics and shippers!
What's changed, I hear you call?
MEMBERSHIP IS NOW OPEN- and you are free to post whichever fictions you wish. magickeyfiction accepts all ships, including Slash :)
Each week a new challenge will be set, giving you a chance to see if your fiction can go the distance. At the end of the week the fictions will be judged by my panel of BETA readers, Fiction obsessees and Harry potter fans.

Have you got the Magic key Talent? Can your fiction win First place? Only one way to find out....


View our NEW RULES at the user info page!

I hope you will join us!

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i have a song that would work for the hhr pairing... i love this song... it would be used for something like them thinking about the first time they like saw each other... it is called "i caught fire" by: the used... it is a great song...

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hi im new here and i was just a little confused... what exactly do you do in this community... im a good writter and all... i have some icons... but you would have to give credit to someone that gave them to me... but you are free to use... but... i was just a little confused on how this community works... oh and by the way... my name is sarah, but you can call me sarie... that is what my friends call me...
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long time no post, I know. My apologies. If any of you are interested, I have a new challenge regarding he events of HBP.

Hermione tries to explain to Harry the reasoning behind her odd behavoir during the school year.

Not that exciting a challenge, but I'm curious to hear what you guys are thinking. And what better way to express those thoughts than through fic? LOL

Have fun writing!

Kirk/Spock: Devil in the Dark


Hello again, to all of you!

My apologies to everyone for not posting here in *forever*. I took a break from the HP community for a while - the internet part, anyway - and found myself involved in other ships and such in other fandoms. But, thanks to a comment from </font></b></a>

leatharegee, Community Mod</span></span>


bwaybourne - Shrink Trunk: place as many items of whatever weight into the trunk. can hold infinate #s of everything from the size of a
pea to the size of a full grown human. Yhe trunk sorts the item into a specific pocket, that can be regenerated by mere vocal request.
Once all items are loaded, press a small green button on the side of the trunk and it and all items shrink to fit into the pocket of any wizarding
sapphiretragedy - Osmosimparare: An enchanted device that is used to help the ever studious person absorb as much information as
possible, by placing the device on the book and then sleeping ontop of the device so all of the information seeps into your brain. You would
never actually have to read the book again. You would instantly just know everything that was in the book.
fiveoclocktea - Irrefragable Satchel: bags that don't split open, because someone's bag inevitably breaks open like Cedric's or Hermione's. You know,
all the brainy kids seem to have bag problems. It would hold up to 30 pounds of stuff but still only feel like 3 pounds. Exactly 3 pounds.
leatharegee - Exhastajuvination: A potion of sorts that rejuvinates one who is exhausted. Lasts for exactly 15 minutes and 23 seconds
before the effects wear off, but during those 15 minutes and 23 seconds, the person it was administered to is as lively as a Hippogriff in a ferret-feild. When
the effects do wear off, the person is 5 times as exausted as they were before taking the potion.

Now for the challenge:
Use one or more of the items listed above as a central plot-point in a ficlet. The item must be mentioned in context more significant than, "Oh
by the way, have you seen my Irrefragable Satchel? Yes? Thanks. Now, about this Voldemort fellow....blahblahblah"
and try to avoid sending
Harry and Hermione on a treasure hunt through the castle to find the items mentioned above, which of course will end up just happening to be in the conviently
located and vacated broomcloset. </span>



</strong></strong></a></strong></a>leatharegee,Community Mod~*</font></font></span>

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It will take you about 30 seconds to do this, please please please take 30 seconds and post a response to the challenge! Or even just post! Something...anything! Please?

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Yahoo Group Alert!

Hey everyone!

I was checking out the lastest HHr news and posts at the wonderful harryhermione community when I noticed a post by someone announcing the creation of a Yahoo!Group with the same aim as this community. It is called HPHGprompts and there will be weekly challenges for short HHr drabbles. So, go check it out, and feel free to post your drabbles at h_hr_ficlets as well as at the Yahoo!Group.

And don't forget about this community either please! I feel really ridiculous posting responses to my own challenges...and being one of the only people posting challenges as well. So, yeah. Post! Please?

Community Mod