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Read Between the Lines: A Harry/Hermione FicStarters Community

Friendship, Bravery and Love; the more important things in life...

Read Between the Lines: A H/Hr Community
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Hello! And welcome to Read Between the Lines: A Harry/Hermione FicStarters Community, sister community to h_hr_ficlets. . You may know me as Leatharegee in the Harry/Hermione LJ communities. However, after searching far and wide for a journal or website with fic challenges, ideas, pre-made OC's, suitable songs, and other such stuff related to the creation of HHr fics or the support of the HHr 'ship, I decided to get off my lazy ass and make a community myself. So...please, follow the rules carefully; they're fairly simple so it shouldn't be difficult.

1. The only things acceptable to post are:
a. Fic challenges and responses to said challenges (See rules below)
b. Plot bunnies
c. OC's (other characters - such as new DADA teachers, exchange students, etc. - see below for more info)
d. Songs that fit the HHr pairing that could be used in fics
e. Ficlets or links to other longer fics.
f. Beta requests
g. Fic title banners (post these at the request of the AUTHOR of the fic only)
2. ALWAYS use LJ Cuts if your entry is long. (IE- Fic challenges, plot bunnies, song lyrics, mass quantities of icons, and wallpapers all go behind LJ Cuts, although a summary of what's behind the cut itself before the link would be much appreciated)
3. Other ship bashing is acceptable to a point. Making a point or finding proof of an anti RHr relation ship and posting it is okay...but don't insult the RHr shippers themselves. We don't want any Shipper wars, thanks.
4. Keep your language clean.
5. Be polite.

Fic Posting Rules
1. Please post FINISHED fics at our sister community h_hr_ficlets. It's okay to post them here, but in order to create a working partnership between the two communities it would be much appreciated if you would post them there. This applies to Fic Challenge responses as well. I only ask that you keep the title consistent.
2. Unfinished fics may be posted in this community UNDER AN LJ Cut, if you would like to ask for feedback on what you've written so far or if you would like to ask for help continuing it.
3. Always Post a rating with your fic (G - NC17)

Fic Challenge Rules
1. ALWAYS post behind an LJ Cut, with a brief summary on the main journal.
2. Give your challenge a recognizeable title.
3. If attempting a challenge, please mention the name of the challenge when you post it.

The Creation and Use of Other Characters
(if you want to create a character, but don't feel like writing him or her into your fic, or even writing a fic at all, feel free to post a description of your character here for others to use.)
1. Fill out a form similar to the one below (feel free to add/remove categories to suit your character)
2. When using a charater created by someone else, credit the creator in your author's note.

Other Character
Name (First/Middle/Last):
Light/Dark Supporter:
Background Info:

Instruscions on how to create an LJ-Cut can be found here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75